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Fluridil is a topical antiandrogen (i.e.- blocks the DHT and testosterone receptors). There was a study perform enrolling 43 men in a 9 month double-blind study. The results showed increased anagen hairs from 76% to 87% at 9 months. There was no dysfunction in blood chemistry values, hematology, or sexual function parameters. Fluridil was not detected in the serum. Further studies are pending.

Latanoprost Solution (Xalatan)

Latanoprost is used as eye drops for glaucoma. 77% of patients using it developed increased eyelash growth when applying it daily for 4 months. It's mechanism of action for glaucoma is a prostaglandin F2alpha analogue, however it seems to be a hypertrichotic agent in hair loss (i.e.- it is not working on the DHT).

There was a study performed on the stump-tailed macaque monkey (monkey that balds similar to humans) showing moderate to marked regrowth with 500ug/ml daily for 3 months ( similar results in previous 5% Minoxidil studies). Further studies are pending.


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